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Teaching Philosophy

Nurture and educate a student without any musical background is a long journey, it is like filling in different colours on a paper bit by bit onto them. We attempt to inspire student to their maximum of their individual strength and to take their weaknesses to the minimal.

Throughout the 31 years of musical educating journey, our students have cultivated a passion for music and have adopted a positive attitude towards learning. We believed with motivation and encouragement, all students can develop to their fullest potential. With emphasise teaching on brain development becoming increasing common, children in today’s society are equipped with talent unlocking skills that we should fully utilise.

In order to enhance on one’s experience, students are encourage to open talks about what they think and to construe their musical idea. In the presentation of the drumming classes or seminars, students are welcome discussion on repertoire, performance styles and possible different interpretations. During the lesson students will be asked for their reaction about the musical pieces after their practices. Students could be stimulated and gradually develop their potential musical ability to their utmost.

Our teaching method will focus on brain stimulation and limbs training, unlocking the student's inner personality and characteristic, feels & interpretation, improved on performing and so on. Typically our teachers could tell how to assist the students and in what way to fulfill their unique qualities after the first lesson. Once we can clearly see a student’s primary artistic strengths, we will start working on their personalities and confidence to the fullest. Our teaching could be formal and straight forward but will be fun loving, student could be motivated to keep their practice routines continually.

To create a teaching extent, student can feel free to commit errors which is necessary in order to build up their confidence. Student need to learn how to keep continuity when errors happen during the competition, public performance or during a concert event. This is to ensure that they can rectify to their mistakes, settled down quickly and focus on the rest of their performance.