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About The Drumming Language Centre

Our core is to provide a fun and interesting environment for enthusiast to learn musical instruments under their passion. We aim to focus on the brain development such as developing spatial intelligence, pattern recognition, forming conclusions, reasoning skills, creativity, self-expression, perseverance, commitment and communication with using our unique method. Student who has no patient and confidence in accomplish task but gradually will discover by their family and friends that the student has improved significantly after learning rhythmic and this also helps by promoting their Emotional Intelligence too.

We will be excited to see when students have attended several lessons from knowing nothing about music until they can play musical instruments. Through assessment, test and recital experience, student will enhance their skills and characteristics with encouragement, calm and performing task in a much better way. All these targets are paved from the first day for a beginner student of their learning journey and it had proven it's an effective way to lead the student to the next performance level.

Before starting of each term, we used to spend numerous hours for preparation to make sure that the next lesson will run smooth with interest and enjoyment. We also emphasize the importance of providing a professional presentation and teaching within the education environment are the essential elements of our teaching mode. We also understand the importance of listening and refined interpreting to all kinds of music so that there could be a proper perspective on our selective repertoire for all our Drumming Language students.